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92年サード・アルバム「POP TATARI」をメジャーレーベルのWEAからリリース。日本音楽業界に少なからず衝撃を与えた。
それまでの既存概念を軽々と打ち破るボアダムスの音楽や存在が十分理解認識されている環境とはいえなかったが、アメリカツアーをきっかけに93年アメリカでも「POP TATARI」をWarner Brothersからリリース。同年、「WOW2」をリリース。
5枚目「CHOCOLATE SYNTHESIZER」ではロック文脈に縛られない自由で開放的な表現、理性的でプリミティブなサウンドは多くの若い世代を捕らえ、音楽関係者の称賛を浴びた。
その後も国内外で精力的な活動を続け、実験的な精神に満ちあふれた「SUPER ROOTS」のシリーズ化し、常に新しいモノに挑戦し続けていた。
98年に歴史的名盤「SUPER ARE」を発表。翌99年にはさらに押し進めた「VISION CREATION NEWSUN」をリリース。サン・コンシャスな意識が一層高まる。

2004年には「SEADRUM / HOUSE OF SUN」をリリース。



There may be no other band in the world that has traced a quite like Japan's Boredoms.
Across over 20 years, founder and leader Eye, along with frequent collaborator Yoshimi, has taken the band on a cosmic road trip, from the early swamps of chaos through times of tribal frenzy, oceanic tranquility, and massive sonic constructions. Perhaps most remarkable is the unceasing commitment to vision above all else, and the effects of that Commitment. The influence of Boredoms in underground, experimental, noise, and performance-based music cannot be overstated.

The early Boredoms seemingly harnessed that chaotic energy and began melding it into a No Wave-influenced rock format. The first release under the name Boredoms appeared in 1986.
The frenetic, maniacal live show cemented their reputation. The incredible rhythmic power, clever melodic punches, and sheer chaotic intensity of the band to play off each other in ways that had perhaps never been heard or seen before. The result was both well-earned rising popularity and something unheard-of: a major label deal, in Japan, for an incorrigibly independent band that demanded full control. Outside Japan, the Boredoms have made their mark as well. From their associations with bands like Sonic Youth to their explosive tours through the U.S. and Europe, the Boredoms were partially responsible for opening the eyes of listeners in this country to the possibilities of the Japanese music scene.

After the release of Chocolate Synthesizer, the Boredoms began to evolve away from the chaos-rock of their past. 1998's Super Ae evoked tribal rhythms as well as electronicized krautrock…a trance-inducing set of songs filled with tribal elements. In their Super Roots series of records (1993-1999), Boredoms expanded their ideal of ecstatic, thunderous, repetitive music, steeped in power rock, electronic rhythms, and psychedelic incantations. At the time Eye also became more involved in DJing and dabbling in Japan's rave culture, resulting in the Rebore series of Boredoms remix EPs. After a prolonged absence, their records "Seadrum/ House of Sun" were finally being released in 2005.
In 2007, released their first live album as "Super Roots 9" and made an already legendary 77BOADRUM show came to real with 77 drums and 77 drummers on 07/07/07 in NYC. They also released their first live DVD "Live at Sunflancisco". In 2008, 88BOADRUM show with 88 drummers on 08/08/08 in LA, the documentary film of 77BOADRUM has shown in the movie theater and the CD book about 77BOADRUM has released. In 2009, the last one of super roots series "Super Roots 10" has ranched. BOADRUM has changed its style to EYE with 9 drummers and performed BOADRUM9 on 09/09/09.

After nearly two decades of noise, chaos, post-rock before there was such a thing, tribal Experimentation, remixing, trance-inducing feats of rhythmic intensity, lineup changes, Continued collaborations, and doing what they want regardless of trends and fashion, the Boredoms continue, and remain as vital as ever.
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